Blood Cleansing Therapy (BCT) Overview

Blood Cleansing Treatment (BCT) It is a biochemical mixture that enters the blood
vessels like taking saline and reduces the size of the block by removing calcium
and various heavy metals accumulated in the body’s arteries. The dosage of this
chemical is prescribed only by a specialist doctor and varies from patient to

Benefits of BCT treatment

  1. Safe, effective.
  2. No side effects.
  3. Because it is medically monitored and dose controlled.
  4. No incisions are made in the body like bypass surgery or angioplasty.
  5. No need to stay in hospital.
  6. The cost is very low.

This treatment method of Matrubhumi Heart Care is globally approved method

  1. United States (FDA) Food and Drug Administration
  2. United Kingdom (NHS) (National Health Service)
  3. European Society of Cardiology
  4. CE Mark (European Conformity) approved
  5. ELT (Electrical Testing Laboratories) listed
  6. ISO 9001 certified (International Standard Organization That Specifies Requirements for a Quality Management System)
  7. Approved by Bangladesh Ministry of Health