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The Cardiology Doctors and other Specialists at Matribhumi Heart Care take care of you. Having years of local and international experience, our doctors treat you with empathy and respect.

Our Health Counseling Clinic Bangladesh is a one-stop shop for the needs of the people. It is a place where people can get information on how to maintain a mentally fit lifestyle, receives medical care, and

proper guideline.

Our Health Counseling Clinic Bangladesh provides mental health counseling to all kinds of people.

  • This includes people suffering from depression and anxiety, those having relationship problems, and those who are struggling with family problems.
  • Our health Counseling Clinic offers free counseling service for those who come to us seeking help.
  • In our clinic, we offer mental health counseling for free.
  • In order to qualify for counseling, you must have been diagnosed with a mental health problem.
  • You also need to visit our clinic once a week to receive counseling.
  • Counseling can help you to cope with your feelings and problems.
  • Our counseling is designed to improve your mental health.
  • We can offer you various types of counseling services.
  • If you are having relationship problems, you may need to visit our counseling clinic.

Mental Health Illnesses

Mental illnesses are serious conditions that require treatment. They can cause severe depression, anxiety, phobias, and other problems. They can also result in suicide. There is no cure for most mental illnesses. You can treat them with medication, and sometimes you can even get some help with therapy. Most people feel that mental health is something private, but it is actually part of everyone’s life. We need to work together to create a better society and solve mental health issues. We need to make mental health a public issue, and that will allow us to help people who have mental health problems. People need to talk about their problems, and they need to get help.

It is hard to admit that you have problems. Even if someone is close to you, it may be difficult for them to understand what is going on inside your head. Sometimes people may not know how to express their emotions properly. Some people may think that it is bad to talk about mental illness. This is wrong. Everyone needs to be cared for mentally. People who are depressed may have symptoms like feeling sad, nervous, or angry. Depression is not a sign of weakness. Depression is just a symptom that may come and go. It isn’t something that you can control. There are a lot of different kinds of mental health disorders.

Our Services

Who in the area of mental health care do you suggest I see? Numerous specializations exist within the field of mental health care in our Health Counseling Clinic Bangladesh. You may need to do some investigating before settling on the best option. See the list of mental health care professionals below to learn more about the various options available to you.

Mental health services for adults

There are two types of psychiatric hospitals – public and private. In a public hospital, the patient pays a fee to the hospital for admission. A private hospital accepts payment from the patient for admission. However, our health care clinic is available for adult patients who can afford to pay for treatment In a mental health facility, patients can also receive individual counselling or group therapy. These services are provided by trained psychologists.

Services of mental health for children and teenagers

If you’re between 16 and 18, you may be treated by either a child and adolescent mental health service or an adult service, depending on your needs. If you are under the age of 18, you may be treated by a child and adolescent mental health service.

Diagnostic assessment of children with serious developmental disorders is offered by the autism assessment.  These services generally link children and their families into appropriate support.

Mental health care for the elderly

Mental health services for the elderly are available. Aged people’s mental health teams are important. Their primary focus is to help aged people who have a mental illness. We provide assessment and treatment for this purpose. We do this by providing the right care, and the right environment. Our aged people mental health service team is very experienced. We are committed to helping our aged clients improve their mental health and quality of life.

Support via telephone and the Internet for mental health issues

If you are struggling with mental health concerns, mental health helplines are a useful resource. Speak with our professionals from our Health Counseling Clinic over the phone who will listen, provide appropriate guidance, and outline the necessary actions to obtain assistance.

Benefits of Health Counseling Clinic

  • Significantly reducing worry.
  • thoughts and feelings got better.
  • Think with greater clarity.
  • A calmer or more peaceful feeling inside.
  • Self-esteem went up.
  • less likely to get depressed.
  • Relationships are getting better.
  • Improved memory.
  • Think clearly.
  • Higher self-esteem.
  • Sleeping better.
  • Seems to have more energy.
  • Less likely to give up.

We promote mental health and substance abuse prevention on campuses and in schools through our health counseling clinic. In order to meet the mental and substance use disorders of older adults, Matribhumi Heart Care offers a number of products that are useful for clinicians, service providers, and older adults. Our specialist doctors of mental health care provide assistance this will help you coordinate daily life properly


Ensuring confidentiality, reliance, and trust is something our Health Care Clinic Bangladesh care for. Everyone has the right to a high standard of physical and mental health.

Matribhumi Heart Care’s specialized Health Counseling Clinic in Bangladesh is committed to providing you with a personalized service, designed to meet your specific requirements. We will ensure that your visit is as painless as possible. Your treatment plan will be discussed at your first appointment with our specialist team. We will also give you a written report detailing our findings and recommendations. We are open from 8 am to 6 pm, 6 days a week.

Our address- Rupayan Taj, 1, 1/1 Naya Paltan, Suite K – 6 (6th Floor), Culvert Road, Dhaka – 1000

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