Pathology researchers seek new ways to diagnose and treat diseases

The Pathology and Laboratory department at Matribhumi Heart Care offers a wide range of tests, is highly reliable, and provides prompt turnaround times. We provide high-quality, reliable diagnostics for both inpatients and outpatients, general practitioners, and other hospitals around the country. Our laboratory equipment and facilities are up-to-date and capable of making accurate diagnoses and reports. With years of experience both locally and internationally, our doctors treat you with empathy and respect.

Our Pathology lab BD provides the best services because they are experienced and knowledgeable in their field. Contact us for more information.

What is Pathology?

Pathology is a field of medicine that studies disease processes in order to improve patient health and outcomes. Pathologists play an integral role in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of many diseases. A pathology resident or fellow usually performs a biopsy of a tissue sample to determine if the patient has cancer. Pathologists perform many other tests, including genetic analyses and microscopic examinations.

Pathologists study how cells and organs function by using stains to examine tissue samples. In the early stages of the diagnostic process, pathologists use a microscope to look at the tissue under a light microscope to determine if there is cancer. If they suspect cancer, pathologists use a biopsy to obtain a sample of a patient’s tissue.

In pathology services, a pathologist does what he or she knows best. They are doctors who have completed their training in medicine and have specialized in a particular field of medicine. A pathologist examines and diagnoses the cause of disease in body parts. For example, a pathologist looks at cells and tissues to find out if there is any infection. They are also used to find out whether someone has a disease or condition. Some pathologists specialize in one field, while others have a wide knowledge of different medical fields. Pathologists are usually doctors who study medical samples to find out if a person has a particular disease or condition.

Why pathology test is required?

Sometimes, doctors and other medical professionals are unable to figure out what is wrong with a patient. In those cases, they order a pathology test to help figure out the exact cause of the problem. This will allow the doctor to decide on the best treatment plan for the patient. If you need help, you may want to call a hospital and ask if they can help you to get a pathology test done. If you don’t have insurance, you will need to pay for the test yourself. But if you do have insurance, you should talk to your health insurance company to see if you can get the test covered. You will need to make sure that the lab is certified by a government agency.

Who requires a Pathology test?

  1. There are a number of tests that are done to protect and support the mother and her child. Tests include blood tests, ultrasound scans, and blood pressure checks. These tests can check the mother’s iron levels, which can affect the baby’s health. Another test that is done to detect conditions such as gestational diabetes is a blood test for glucose. Another type of blood test is for checking whether the fetus has certain genetic disorders.
  2. Test children and teenagers tested for diabetes, genetic disorders, polio, mumps, and measles.
  3. Some of the tests are blood tests, and others are physical tests. These tests will show if you have problems with your heart. It is very important to check out your health. It’s a good idea to find out if you have any heart problems.
  4. When you are a grown-up, you should take care of your health. You should try to take care of yourself as best you can. One way to do this is to check your cholesterol levels regularly.
  5. To identify genetic factors that cause cancers. Confirm if there are changes in cancer cells that can indicate relapse or response to treatment. Predict whether treatment will cure or prevent disease progression.

Our Pathology lab BD provides the best services in diagnosing and treating diseases.

The benefit of the Pathology lab

Pathology examination is an important part of medical practice. It can be helpful to learn about various diseases and conditions that you may have. Tumors are a common disease. They can affect both men and women. Some tumors grow very fast and can become dangerous. It is important to diagnose and treat them early. Other diseases can be found in organs. For example, certain types of cancer can occur in the stomach, colon, rectum, and esophagus. This makes it essential to examine these parts of the body in order to find out if there are any abnormalities. Another disease that occurs in the body is diabetes. Diabetes affects the blood sugar level. It is important to monitor the levels of sugar in the blood.

  • Medical practice and health care cannot function without pathology.
  • An increasing range of clinical conditions are diagnosed, treated, and managed with pathology.
  • An accurate, specific, and comprehensive diagnosis is the goal of pathology examinations of tissue to assist the treating physician in developing a treatment plan most suitable for the patient.
  • One out of five patients’ visits to general practitioners involves pathology testing, according to the BEACH Study of General Practice Activity of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).
  • Approximately 70-80 percent of all healthcare decisions involve pathology investigations.  Pathology is involved in all cancer diagnoses.

Among Bangladesh’s leading causes of disease burden are cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Pathology plays an essential role in preventing, early detecting, diagnosing, and treating these diseases.  A person’s pathology may be involved in their healthcare throughout their lifetime. Our Pathology lab provides the best services in town. They are knowledgeable and efficient in their work. Contact us for the best results.

Our Pathology Service Include- 

The Pathology lab BD provides the best services in town. We are knowledgeable and efficient in our work. We provide every type of modern pathology test that includes-

  • Clinical Pathology
  • Histopathology
  • Chromosome Study
  • Hormone test
  • Hematology
  • Bio Chemistry
  • Frozen section biopsy
  • Blood transfusion service
  • Microbiology
  • Immunology
  • Virology
  • Cytology
  • Serology
  • Histopathology
  • Serology

The anatomic and clinical Pathology Services by Pathology Lab BD offered by Matribhumi Heart Care are the best company when choosing your pathology provider. We have an extensive knowledge base of disease states and treatments. Our anatomic and clinical pathology services help you make important decisions related to the safety and efficacy of new drugs, devices, and therapies. Our company helps you get answers to questions about safety, toxicity, efficacy, and the best way to develop new drugs, devices, and therapy products. Our goal is to help you get the information that you need to keep your patients safe.

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